It’s time for the 2014 OFAC Fitness Challenge!

We are inviting you to participate in our annual Health & Fitness Challenge! This year, the challenge is being shaken up a bit to encourage EVERYONE, at all levels of fitness, to join. This is a fun and healthy way to kick off the new year!   How does it work? We’ve listened to your feedback and understand that there are many levels of activity and exercise. Dr. Hyer has worked hard to structure this year’s challenge in a way that makes it easy for you to find the best path to your fitness! We are offering 3 styles of participation: the gym group, the structured program group (P90X, Insanity, etc.), and the at-home group. You get to decide which method works best for you! Join our Facebook group (links below), get your Bod Pod weigh-in, set 3 monthly goals and get started! Each week we’ll post activities in each of the 3 participation groups, tailored for that style. Let us know what your monthly goals are…do you want to exercise 4 times per week for 20 minutes or more? Do you want to lift a certain weight at the gym? The team at Baseline Fitness can help you with goal-setting when you do you Bod Pod weigh-in.   How is the winner chosen? There are 2 components to the challenge scoring: 1. Bod Pod – Improvement in body composition (percent change from weigh-in to weigh-out). Only you and Baseline Fitness will see the raw numbers; we are only asking for the percentage change at the end! 2. Monthly goals – Let us know your monthly goals and then identify if you met them. You’re on the honor system here!   How do I get started? 1. Go to Baseline Fitness and weigh-in with the Bod Pod. (You can schedule your appointment online at 2. Choose which style of participation you’re interested in and join that group on Facebook (not signed up with Facebook? Contact me for more info on how to participate) – OFAC Gym Group: – OFAC Structured Program Group: – OFAC Fit At Home Group: We’ll start posting more info soon! If you have any questions, contact Kim Fisher at The deadline to sign up is December 30, 2013, so act quickly! We hope you’ll join us in the fun! Happy holidays, The OFAC family