2015 OFAC Health & Fitness Challenge

December 3, 2014
This event is an annual OFAC tradition, but it’s often referred to as just the “fitness challenge”. This year will remind everyone of the “health” portion as well. With an emphasis on nutrition as well as exercise, the goal is to create new habits and lifestyles that last beyond just the 3-month competition period. Our fellows (Dr. Patrick Bull, Dr. Mark Prissel, and Dr. Justin Daigre) are running the competition and have set the theme as Sweatin’ To The 80’s!

How Does It Work?

1. Weigh In

Go to http://baselinefitness.com and click on Scheduling Available Online Now. You may need to create an account, but once you’re locked in you can schedule your Bod Pod measurement. It will cost $20, but if you make it through the competition OFAC will pay for your weigh-out. Be sure to weigh in before January 1st!!

–> Be sure to send an email to Kim at FisherKD@orthofootankle.com to announce your participation in this year’s competition. She’ll send you an OFAC headband to wear during your weekly challenges!

2. Get The Apps

This year we’ll be tracking activities and nutrition through two apps: Strava and MyFitnessPal. Download them, sign up (for free), and join the OFA Fitness Challenge Groups to track your progress against other challengers.

3. Do The Challenges

Each week a new challenge will be announced. We’ll give some more details as we get closer to the start, but these are intended to get you off the couch and actually working out; they won’t be easy, but they’ll be worth it! Wear your OFAC headband (and other awesome 80’s gear you might have laying around…leg warmers? short-shorts??) during the challenge to really get into the 80’s groove.

That’s it! Stay tuned for more updates, and let us know if you have any questions!
Good Luck
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