Dr. Greg Berlet had a great opportunity to sit down with a reporter from the Columbus Dispatch recently to discuss some of the newest advances in Total Ankle Replacement (TAR) Surgery, a surgery that can help many patients that are suffering from debilitating ankle arthritis. The newest TAR technology that our team at OFAC is using is a computer program designed to help the surgeon map out the exact surgical plan before the patient even arrives at the hospital.  The advantage of this type of surgery is that it can cut down on the patients time in the operating room, makes the procedure safer for the patient, and can help improve the surgeons accuracy of where he places the implant in the patient; all leading to a better outcome for the patient. Last January Dr. Berlet performed the world’s first Prophecy Total Ankle Replacement at Dublin Methodist Hospital using this technology. To read more about this procedure, and why Dr. Berlet is so excited about this new technology for patients, as well as, hear from some of Dr. Berlet’s patients who have had the surgery, click here.