Dr. Hyer patient, Heather Dugan, finds inspiration in her cast

April 10, 2013
Dr. Christopher Hyer has been working with a very inspirational patient, Heather Dugan. Like many of our patients she is exceptionally active, and her adventurous spirit takes her into travel and outdoor adventures all over the world.
Heather had surgery ten years ago to clean out bone chips and fix a problematic ligament in her right ankle. During subsequent years of trail running and other high impact pursuits, Heather eventually developed an unusual muscular pain in both legs. Luckily she found Dr. Hyer and our team at OFAC. On her website, Heather writes about her extensive research regarding her injury and potential surgical solutions. Her muscular pain stemmed from significant damage to the talus and tibia of her right ankle. Click here to read more.
It was crucial for her to be able to continue her activities for both personal and professional reasons. She was very motivated to find a physician that understood her concerns and could guide her in the best direction for a good outcome. Heather says, “Dr. Hyer did (and continues to do) his part. He and BJ have been wonderful about answering my many questions —I always want to understand what will help and what will hurt my recovery so that I can maximize my rehabilitation, and hopefully, help others to do so along the way.” She also goes on to say, that “Beyond his documented surgical skill and passion for learning and improving medical options for his patients, I’ve been impressed by his empathy, attentiveness and communication skills.” During Heather’s recovery, she wanted to stay active and continue her workout routine. She filmed a workout video in her cast that we have found very helpful for patients. She gives patients tips and examples of exercises that can be performed despite a lower leg impairment. To view the entire video, click here. Heather was also inspired to write an encouraging and positive eBook about her life experience with crutches and surgery. Her creativity and positive attitude about her injury and surgical experience has helped Heather get over this bump in her life. We hope other patients will be encouraged by her experience.
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