It's almost time to kick off the 2014 OFAC Fitness Challenge! Are you ready? Below is some info to help you get started:

"Where do I get my Bod Pod assessment?"  Go to and schedule your appointment online. Don't live in Columbus? Try a google search for Bod Pods in your area; these stats will be used to determine the winners at the end!

"How do I know which group I should join?" 

- Gym Workout Group - Do you prefer to lift weights, workout with a trainer, or get sweaty somewhere other than your living room? Does having a specific place to exercise help you get motivated? In the gym workout group, weekly routines will be designed and posted by Eve Ann Buxton from Baseline Fitness. If you'd like someone to help you set performance goals and motivate you through your training, members of this group can workout face-to-face with Eve Ann and her team by setting up appointments at Baseline Fitness.

- Beach Body Group - Follow a 90-day program with workouts from Insanity, P90X, TurboFire, etc., with the help of coach Missy Gleason of Missy Fit Facebook fame. To learn more about Missy's fitness journey and the Beach Body style workouts, check out: More information can be found by downloading her PDF: BeachBody_Workouts_and_Challenge_Packs.

- At Home Group - If the only realistic workout for you is the one where you're able to carve a few minutes out of your day to get fit in your living room, this is the group for you. Users of (a pinboard style photo- and link-based collection site) know that at-home workouts, healthy recipes, and motivational quotes are among the most frequently pinned content. Weekly workout routines will be posted for you to do at home without needing any special equipment.

Want to get a little more involved? Try getting the Fitbit, a daily activity tracker:  Activity can be viewed online, you can join groups and challenge friends, or fly solo and compete against yourself.

Want an app for your phone? Consider the Fitocracy app, which basically turns working out into a game.

If healthy reading is your thing, (614) Magazine has a companion publication called fit. It's a free magazine you can pick up locally, or check it out online at

More info will roll out as the challenge gets underway. We're looking forward to working out with you!

- OFAC team