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December 22, 2014

Hello Fitness Challenge Recruits

Welcome to: “Sweatin’ to the 80’s” I hope that this year’s event inspires everyone involved to improve their bodies and their lives through fitness. I certainly hope to tap into everyone’s competitive spirit at the same time. I’m sure you are wondering how a winner will be chosen. Below you will find details regarding the challenge that should answer all of your questions. In short, the winner will be determined based upon a point system. Points will be earned throughout the months of Jan/Feb/Mar by completing challenges and by utilizing the fitness apps Strava and MyFitnessPal. At the completion of the challenge, we will add up all the points and crown a champion. Along the way, there will be Bonus Challenges to test every one’s determination and commitment to the cause.

A few items that need immediate attention include:

  1. 1 – enroll in Strava and MyFitnessPal as detailed in the enclosed instructions.
  2. 2 – test your Strava by using it during a workout/jog/bike-ride/etc prior to Jan 1st to be sure it is working
  3. 3 – get your AWESOME OFA “Sweatin’ to the 80’s” headband. It must be worn for ALL workouts throughout the challenge. Failure to do so will result in penalties!!

Weekly Challenges

Remember, the theme this year is fitness AND wellness. Each week a challenge is set to help you achieve your goals. Consider them motivators, for to win the challenge, you will need to do much more than just the bare minimum. Many challenges will be completed on the honor system where others will require proof of completion.

Week 1 – Wellness visit with PCP (complete or proof of completion w/in last 12 months) Having a relationship with your primary care physician is very important. Show us that you have regular check-ups or scheduled your first. You get the points either way.
Week 2 – Diet. Eat less than 1800 cal/day for seven consecutive days and log your food intake on the MyFinessPal app. The app is a great way to log everything that goes into your body. Just one week of logging on the app is a great start. If you continue to use the app throughout the challenge, there will be many more points available for you to collect.

Total Number of Daily
MyFitnessPal Logs:          Points Earned
   1 – 15                            10
   16 – 30                          20
   31-45                            30
   46+                               45

Week 3 – Sleep. Sleep 7 hours or greater for 7 consecutive nights. Sleep is an often overlooked and under appreciated component of wellness. Show us that you got 7 consecutive days of sleep at any point during the challenge and get your points.
Week 4 – Steps. Steps are an easy way to set fitness goals and motivate yourself to stay active. Use any pedometer you choose to log 12,000 steps in a single day and get your points. There are numerous free pedometer apps available for you to use. Get walking and show us what you are made of!! The challenge must be done this week so use weeks 1-3 to get yourself ready.
Week 5 – Stairs. Climbing stairs is a great way to get the heart pumping during the cold winter months. Climb 50 flights in one day while using your Strava app and claim your points reward. There will be bonus “Burn-Out” points for those that complete the most flights of agony!
Week 6 – Sit-Ups. That’s right, time to feel the burn! Do 50 sit-ups a day for 5 days. Log them on your Strava for credit and be sure wear your Awesome Headband! There will be a “Burn-Out Bonus” as well. During week 7, if you think you have what it takes, max out your sit-ups over 2 minutes and video the effort. Submit your result and see if you can be labeled CHAMPION! 
Week 7 – Push-Ups. We all know where this is going. 50 push-ups a day for 5 days earns you your weekly points. Put forth your best effort over 2 minutes and submit your video for extra credit. Bonus points to the best performers. Again, refer to the Air Force link listed above for proper form and for details on how your push-ups will be scored.
Week 8 – Mile Challenge. Walk, jog, or run and log all of your journeys on Strava. Even a treadmill walk will count, as long as you Strava the effort. Log 7 miles for the week and get your points. Bonus points for high achievers also available so get out at lunch and pound the pavement.
Week 9 – Richard Simmons Week. Time to get into the theme! Show photographic evidence of you doing 5 different Richard Simmons video workouts and take home your points. Consider this weeks activity a “warm-up” for things to come.
Weeks 10-11-12. Details regarding these events will be coming down the pike.


Read the instructions on how to become a part of the most exciting fitness app around, Strava! Log all of your headband-wearing workouts and take home the GOLD! Strava participation will be awarded on the same scale as the MyFitnessPal app participation. Just look below.
Total Number of Daily
Strava Logs:                   Points Earned
   1 – 15                            10
   16 – 30                          20
   31-45                            30
   46+                               45

Bonus Events

    • 10 points will be awarded to all that participate in the 1st on the 1st 5K race sponsored by OFA. It does not matter to us if you run, walk, or work the hot cocoa station. As long as you participate, you get your credit.
    • There will be 3 monthly bonus challenges that will be unveiled along the way. Participation will get you massive extra credit, but, trust me, it will require dedication to winning. Stay tuned for details.
    • Bod Pod – I encourage all who hope to vie for the title of “2015 Fitness Challenge Champion” to go to BaseLine Fitness and get your Bod Pod data. We are going to weigh very heavily on the data to choose our winner. For your best chance to make improvements, get your “weigh-in” measurements before Jan 1. Sign up on their website (listed below) and save your data. We are looking for big changes in body composition, and we will reward those who move their numbers in the right direction.
Good Luck to everyone and may a true champion rise and take the title!!

Your “Sweatin’ to the 80’s” leaders:
The OFA Fellows
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