As the Team Orthopedist for Dublin Coffman and former collegiate athlete, Dr. Terrence Philbin knows a thing or two about sports injuries. With the Fall sports season approaching, injury prevention and knowing when to call the doctor are key to keeping your athlete in the game.

According to Dr. Philbin, many common sports injuries can be prevented through proper conditioning, sport specific training and correctly fitted equipment. “Athletes should participate in pre-season conditioning on a regular basis to gradually build their endurance and strength,” says Philbin. “In addition, wearing the proper equipment, from the correct shoes to pads and helmets, is vital to injury prevention.”

It’s also important to know when to call a doctor. When symptoms are persistent or affect the athlete’s performance, it’s time to be examined by a specialist. Untreated injuries could lead to permanent damage or disability.

Dr. Philbin is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle care. A valued member of the orthopedic community, he also provides medical expertise to the Columbus Blue Jackets, Ballet Met and athletic programs at The Ohio State University and Ohio University.

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