TAR xrayThanks to the research team at OFAC, NOW what you read on some of the most popular sites regarding total ankle replacement (TAR) surgery is current and factual. As many of you know, at OFAC we are tech friendly. Our practice and physicians enjoy social media interaction,deliver information to our patients and colleagues via the Internet and overall embrace new technology. However, we realize that when patients are doing research on the Internet to help them understand their injury or get information about a surgery we realize they are not always receiving the best information available. As early adapters at OFAC, we recognized the pros and the cons of internet based medical information over 10 years ago when we first published an abstract uncovering the misinformation that was on the world wide web regarding TAR surgery.  Since then the research team, lead by Dr. Jaymes Granata, presented a follow-up study that was presented at AOFAS in 2012 that showed a dramatic increase in the volume of content regarding total ankle replacement on the Internet. (Click here to read the entire abstract.) However, although the content has increased, the overall value of the information still remains low, giving consumers incomplete and fragmented information. As thought leaders in the field, the research team at OFAC has recognized the need, and taken the lead to improve content on the Internet about TAR surgery to ensure that patients receive the best education available. Dr. Berlet and Dr. Granata are now contributing authors to the National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health, which is the #1 hit for total ankle replacement.  To review this website, click here.