New Registration Kiosks & Mobile Pre-Check

December 12, 2018

We are excited to announce our new registration and check-in process!

Our kiosks allow us to streamline the often-cumbersome process of paperwork and lets us focus on you, our patient.

Our new electronic check-in will help:

  • Provide a better patient experience for you
  • Reduce paperwork for everyone – patients and staff
  • Provide in real-time, your insurance and benefit information
  • Shorten the time you spend in our waiting room
  • Allow us to give you more personalized attention

We know your time is very valuable! Take advantage of our new Mobile Pre-Check. Three days before your visit, you will receive an email or a text message or both. Please click on the link provided to confirm your appointment and complete your Mobile Pre-Check, thereby completing up to 75% of your registration.

When you arrive for your appointment, simply walk up to one of the kiosks located at our entrance. Please have your driver’s license and insurance card ready before you touch the kiosk screen. The kiosk will ask you a series of questions AND ask you to scan your driver’s license and insurance card. (You may put the cards back in your wallet after you are done checking in.) The process the first time may take you a little longer, but the next time you visit, you will be asked only to verify your information and scan your cards. After you are done answering the brief questions, please take a seat and we will call you for your appointment.

Privacy and our new registration station: Our kiosk is HIPAA compliant and in full compliance with all privacy rules and regulations. In fact, your information is fully encrypted, allowing us to protect your data even more securely than ever before. The screen does not allow onlookers to view the information unless they are standing directly in front of the kiosk, ensuring patient privacy, as you are checking-in. You also get to hold on to your insurance card and drivers license as you will scan them right there at the kiosk.

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