Laura, an OFAC Physician Assistant since 2014, originally started her career as an athletic trainer. While working as an NCAA Division III trainer, she found she most enjoyed the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic related injuries, which led her to further her education and become a physician assistant, specializing in orthopedics.

As an athlete and workout enthusiast, Laura understands that even a minor injury can lead to a substantial setback. She takes pride in working closely with patients to get them healthy and back on their feet.

“We all tend to underappreciate a well-functioning, capable body, especially when it comes to our feet. We depend on them for literally every step we take. Even a minor foot and ankle issue can be terribly debilitating. It's always so rewarding to help someone to walk again without pain.”

Laura’s passionate about patient care and emphasizes compassion and education in her approach.

“In my position, I have the privilege to see people in a unique state – there’s often anxiety about their condition, combined with hope that I can help them. By educating patients about their diagnosis, I've found that I can alleviate much anxiety. An informed patient is also more likely to be engaged in their care, which in turn will yield the best outcomes.”

A native of Ashville, Ohio, Laura currently resides in Galena with her husband and young children. She enjoys keeping up with her busy family, helping with the children’s ministry at her church and when she can find the time, enjoys running and exercise.