Plantar Fasciitis: Common injury that effects many athletes

February 21, 2013

Plantar Fasciitis is a common injury that effects many people and is commonly seen among athletes. Elite athletes such as Kobe Bryant & Eli Manning along with presidential candidate Mitt Romney have all battled with this condition.
Luckily, most people who develop this injury will recover within a few months with proper rest and stretching, however, some patients may need to seek further treatment. Dr. Terrence Philbin contributes to a recent article written for the which discusses the controversial topic of what causes plantar fasciitis and what treatment options are best for patients.
To read the entire article click here. Additional information about plantar fasciitis and what type of treatments we offer at OFAC can be found on our website
You can also call our office to set up a time to see one of our specialists. Our physicians have new innovative treatment options available to treat this painful condition.
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