Terrence Philbin, DO and Marcus Freeman

Sideline Chat with Dr. Terrence Philbin

November 4, 2022

It’s been a busy Fall for OFA physician, Dr. Terrence Philbin. As a volunteer team physician, Dr. Philbin treats athletes of all ages and sports with the goal of getting them back on the field safely and back to enjoying the excitement of playing their sport and being with teammates.

Athletics played an impactful role in Dr. Philbin’s upbringing and helped shape him as an individual, eventually leading him to his career path as an orthopedic surgeon.

“For me, football was an integral part of my adolescent years, establishing my confidence as an individual,” said Philbin. “The sport of football, although it does have risks teaches many life lessons such as, discipline, teamwork and overcoming obstacles with the goal of putting your teammates ahead of yourself.”

For these reasons and for the love of the game, Dr. Philbin stays active in our local athletic community as well as still getting in the action himself. This past June, at 54 years of age, Dr. Philbin geared up in his pads and helmet, playing at the University of Notre Dame in their three-day Fantasy Football Camp.

“I’ve played in this camp for multiple years,” said Philbin. “The friendships made and opportunity to be on the field and playing the game again was incredible.”

Philbin’s message to athletes of all ages is to keep at it and pursue your passions. Injuries happen, but with the proper care and recovery protocols, you can get back on your feet and in the game.

Terrence Philbin, DO is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle care at the Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center in Columbus, Ohio. For more information, please call 614.895.8747 or go to www.orthofootankle.com.

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