Tips from Tracy

June 10, 2011
We are happy to announce that OFAC & Dr. Greg Berlet are proud sponsors of Tracy Disabato-Aust as she trains for the 2011 World Triathlon event in Beijing, September 11. Tracy and her family are patients of OFAC and have become part of the OFAC family. To learn more about how the team at OFAC helped Tracy stayed on track after an injury here. She was the 2010 Sprint World and Sprint National Champion (50-54 age group). As we cheer Tracy on, and help support her while she is training to win again this year, we have asked Tracy to provide us some helpful “Tips from Tracy”. Please follow us on Facebook at Orthopedic Foot and Ankle to gather some tips that will help us all become better athletes and learn what it takes to be a Champion like Tracy. 
Tip #1- Always do your homework. Wendy’s International Triathlon & Duathlon is coming June 12th! See the course maps online and get out there with a friend to ride, run, and  swim the course to prepare for a great race. Watch for traffic on the roads and practice during non-peak hours or just drive the bike course.
I’ll be racing along with my family that day and hope to defend my title, of 1st overall female, from the past two years. Is there a target on my back? This is one of our largest and friendliest local races. Come join us! Update: Looks like Tracy’s hard work paid off, 1st place in The Wendy’s Internation Triathlon (Age 50-54). Congratulations! Check out her husband’s and son’s results as well. Trifecta for the Aust, DiSabato-Aust Team! What a great accomplishment.
Tip #2- Why  it may be a good idea to look like Marge Simpson. Wear your goggles under your swim cap while racing to avoid having them knocked off. If you have “big hair” like me you might want to consider getting it under one cap, putting on your goggles, and then placing the assigned race cap on top. Warning: this can lead to a Marge Simpson look! 
Tip #3- “Focus, Determination & Consistency…Day after Day after Day.” Tray’s favorite mantra for multisport and business is from Coach Troy Jacobson “Focus, Determination & Consistency…Day after Day after Day” 
Tip#4 – To go fast you need to train fast. Long distance aerobic training is the foundation for building a good base for endurance racing. But to go fast you need to train fast. Think about getting over to a track occasionally and “burning it up.” Also do some tempo segments on the bike and swim to watch your times drop. 
Tip #5- Set short and long term goals to make your dreams come true. Here are some words of wisdom Tracy  lives by from Chris “Macca” McCormack,  “Goals are dreams with a plan!”  Set long and short term goals to make your multisport dreams come true.
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