Ed Cozza



Ed’s lifetime of running didn’t stop with foot pain.

A month after running the Twin Cities Marathon, Ed began to experience pain in his foot. He knew years of running had taken its toll on his feet, so he went to some doctors to see what he could do. The first two doctors he saw told him that they could perform surgery to eliminate the pain, but he would never run again.

That wasn’t the answer Ed was looking for. Then he went to OFAC for a third opinion. Our doctors told him we could perform a procedure that would give him the best chance of running again. It wasn’t a guarantee, but it was honesty – which is another thing Ed was looking for.

After three separate surgeries to reconstruct his foot, Ed spent one year recovering and rehabbing. Since the surgery, he’s hiked the Grand Canyon rim to rim and run several half marathons. When he finished his first full marathon in Columbus, he gave his medal to our team. Why? Because his entire body was sore or in pain… except for his foot.

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