John Babyak



“For years I couldn’t even walk without pain. Now I’m golfing, working in my yard – I have my life back.”

When John was a kid, he broke his ankle and it never set properly. As he became active in sports, he began to experience ankle pain that continued to grow. At first, he wrote the pain off as a normal side effect of his active lifestyle.

Eventually, the pain became almost too much to bear. Just stepping on a pebble could cause severe discomfort. When he finally had an implant put in, it failed to provide the necessary support. The bone broke again, shifting the implant and requiring him to have another surgery.

The constant pain returned and moved to his shin. That’s when a friend recommended OFAC. After examining his ankle, our foot doctors were confident they could repair the damage done by the previous surgeries and eliminate John’s pain. Had John let it go any longer, he might have required an amputation.

After an intense four-hour surgery and several months of recovery, John is pain free. Now he’s walking comfortably, working in the yard and playing golf – something he hadn’t been able to do for three years.

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