Natalie Carusillo

Administrative Assistant, DMH


“I had a lot of pain after my fall and my doctor fixed it. Now I know why our patients speak so highly of us.”

It was a rainy day when Natalie slipped and fell in a parking lot. She didn’t think much of the accident until a few days later when the pain wouldn’t go away. Her regular podiatrist gave her a shot of cortisone that only relieved the pain for one day. A second shot only worked for five days.

The pain came back worse than before. It began interfering with all the things she loved to do like walking, working out and kick boxing. At one point, she had to wear a special boot to offer support. It relieved the pain a little, but further hampered enjoyment of life.

Since she worked at Dublin Methodist Hospital, where OFAC doctors perform inpatient surgeries, she decided to see us. We found she had two bone spurs. After having her surgery, Natalie was eager to get back to living life. She even went to a hockey game the day after the surgery – even though she was still in a wheel chair.

Now Natalie is easing back into her daily routine. She’s walking and exercising without the constant pain she’d been experiencing before.

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